How To Create An Email Filter With Gmail And Tame Your Inbox

Are you aware that on average we spend close to 13 hours a week managing email?  I don't know about you but I can think of a lot of things I'd rather spend 13 hours doing each week.  Email is not one of them.

We're constantly bombarded with emails on a daily basis.  What's maddening is the amount of times I personally have missed an important email because it got lost in the black hole vortex of my email inbox.

To wrangle this beast, I took steps toward getting my inbox organized so I would never miss an important email again and always knew where to find emails without having to spend valuable time searching.

In the short video below I will walk you through my email inbox and show you how you can set up email filters that will save you valuable hours each week so that you're only reading the emails that you need to read and filter out the noise.


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