Why Your Interview Process With Potential Clients Is Like Online Dating

How many of you have ever tried online dating? If you have you already know how difficult it is to really captivate the attention of that cute guy or girl.

Winning over a prospect for your virtual assistant business is a lot like online dating. You might look very attractive on your website; your client list may WOW your prospect but if you can’t hold a fascinating conversation with your prospect, chances are that prospect will keep looking. In order to really grab your prospects attention you have to command their attention, you must fascinate them.

I’d like to introduce you to the work of a marketing icon, Sally Hogshead. Sally is an expert at teaching the art of fascination.  She is a Hall of Fame Speaker, International Author and the world’s leading expert on fascination.  Sally has come up with 7 personality triggers based on 5 years of research on the subject of fascination.

Watch the below video from Sally.


Why is learning how to fascinate your prospects so fundamental? Fascination triggers are proven to persuade people to take action and we want our prospects to take action, we want to convert them into paying clients! There is actually a science to this!

Now go and take a look at Sally’s website and while you’re at it go check out her blog. Understanding your prospects decision making process will give you the competitive advantage over your competition.

Let me know what you think of Sally’s techniques by leaving a comment below. I read every comment.

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