How To Write An Email That Will Get Read

As virtual assistants we often cold email prospects that we REALLY want to do business with.  I've emailed plenty and sometimes I got a response and sometimes I didn't.   Knowing what I know now and what I'm about to share with you the chances that your cold email will get read (and responded to) are a whole lot higher.   Read on. With the help of a couple of really sharp dudes you're going to learn how to write an email to anyone and actually get a response.

Here's a great post by Geoffrey James titled "How To Write A Convincing Email".   It's full of really simple, yet effective tips that you could use right now to email your virtual assistant client prospects.

I love his theory that you should start writing with the conclusion first.   Check out his post and create an email following his strategy.

The next blog post will make you smile.  This is a really great story about an entrepreneur by the name of Noah Kagan, the founder of AppSumo.

He got an email from someone who wanted Noah to take a look at an app he created. Noah gets a ton of emails every day from people claiming they have the next best app.

How did one guy rise up through the noise and grab Noah's attention?   Read Noah's blog post titled "One of the best cold emails I've ever received"  to find out and see how you can use the same strategy to email a potential client.

Let me know what you think of these email strategies by leaving me a comment below.   I want to know if you're going to use them!

Rock on,