How To Break Into the Virtual Assistant Industry TODAY!



So you're thinking about becoming a virtual assistant?  Great news!  

I can help you with that.  

Read on!

Some time ago, I asked a group of Executive Assistants on LinkedIn "how many of you are working as a virtual assistant in addition to your day job?"

That discussion had over 400 comments. Suffice to say it got attention and the ladies wanted to learn more. 

The reason it's such a hot topic is because hundreds if not thousands of executive assistants like you want to supplement their income with an extra $250-$2,000 (or more!) a month by working as a virtual assistant.

The good news is that with the skill set and experience you have as an executive administrative assistant you already have all the skills to become a virtual assistant.

Imagine this scenario, your boss is out of the office traveling. You travel back and forth to the office each day to get your work done.

Couldn't you do the same work from home?  

Wouldn't you be more effective and efficient if you didn't have to commute to work and deal with the constant flow of distractions that come from working in a busy office?  

Couldn't you send out emails, make phone calls and work on projects from the comfort of your own home?  

The answer is YES.

Have you ever thought to ask your boss how he/she would feel about you working from home a day or two a week to see how the arrangement works?

This will give you the confidence to break into the virtual assistant industry without having to leave your day job! But what if your boss doesn't allow you to work from home? Read my about page to learn how I got started in the VA business. I kept my day job for an entire year while I worked at night as a virtual assistant.  

Each night I worked an average of three hours and back then I was making $18/hour.   Do the math.  $18/hour x 3 x 22 days (average working days per month) = $1,188 a month!

All I did to make an additional $1,188 a month was build travel itineraries, insert the travel details into my client's calendar and update a contact database on an ongoing basis.

How was I able to do all of this work virtually?  

Did I need to learn new software?  

The answer is yes and no. A lot of what I needed to do for my clients I already knew how to do. However, in time I needed to learn the latest in online software to help me do my job faster, and more efficiently.

I wrote two blog posts on this subject titled Must Have Software For Virtual Assistants. There is a part II of that blog post here.  

You'll find a ton of information about what software you need to learn and why.

Are you an executive assistant looking to break into the virtual assistant industry?

What questions do you have?

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