What All Virtual Assistants Are Doing Wrong

what virtual assistants are doing wrong and how to fix it

As virtual assistants we KNOW that entrepreneurs need us.   We know that they can't be as successful as they want/need to be without our help.  We get that and they get that but there is a HUGE gap between knowing that and actually signing up new clients. I'm going to bridge that gap right now.

As virtual assistants we need to put ourselves in our ideal client's shoes and feel what they are feeling.

Most entrepreneurs have no idea how to work with a virtual assistant.  Most of the entrepreneurs I've worked with have really struggled with the thought of having someone else do their work for them.  I mean for g-ds sake, their work is their baby and they are not too keen to just hand over their baby to a complete stranger.  I can tell you that handing over all my logins and passwords just make me hyperventilate.

Hiring a virtual assistant can be verystressful.  It's our job to address their concerns and make it easy for them.

We have to be very aware that this fear exists with our prospects.  So this begs the question, how can we quell their fears?

The answer is offer your prospects and easy entry point into working together with you.


If you want to put your prospects at easy and move them to a yes to working with you make it easy on them.  Don't weigh them down with commitments or freak them out with hourly rates or packages that will scare them off.  Remember they've never worked with a VA before and they have no idea how f-ing awesome it's going to be to offload their stuff to your capable hands.  You have to prove yourself first.

Keep in mind you don't have to call this a starters package.  Call it what you want, a beginners package, the baby package, get creative!

Here is a suggestion that you can use right now to craft your own starters package:

Are you scared, nervous or worried about hiring a virtual assistant?  I can understand that.  I would be, too.  That's why I am offering you my starters package.  I want you to experience what it feels like to have the support you deserve so you can finally exhale a breath of relief that someone has your back.   Try out my services for 30 days.  You set the amount of hours you want me to work each week.  Get ready to have more time than you know what to do with.

Now, go and update your Work With Me page right now and come back and leave a link to your page in the comments.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Need help crafting a great starters package?  Get in touch and let me know.  I've got a couple of ways we can work together and I'd love to tell you about it.

Rock on,