What you don’t know about the future of VA’s

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Listen up, I’m about to lay the smackdown…

According to the Department of Labor, there is an estimated number of 4 million Virtual Assistants in the US alone.

And according to Intuit, the number of freelancers is expected to increase sharply over the next year. And by sharply, I mean an expected 40% of the US workforce will be consist of freelancers.

Let me say that one more time.

The number (and need!) for remote workers is expected to make up 40% of the entire US workforce.

Do you know what that means for you?

That means companies are in a dire frenzie looking for trusted, reliable, ambitious VA’s at this very moment.

And I’m honored you’ve graced me with your presence here on my website because it proves that you have a hankering to be one of these VA’s who comes out on top.

But here’s the thing - one of the most common setbacks I hear that’s holding women back at the very beginning VA stages, is that they don’t believe they're capable of starting their own business.

And I’m fed up about that.

I’m sick and tired of this vast talent pool of women all over the world - North American, India, Australia, Philippines, etc - that have been littered with the idea that they aren’t an entrepreneur, or that they’ve tried before but couldn’t get traction, or that it’s not possible to make career-wages as a Virtual Assistant.

So over the course of the next two weeks, I’m going to be giving you the scoop on women just like you who have started their own successful VA business.

You’ll see the questions (and answers!) they had when they first started, along with my personal advice which has lead them to a profitable career at home as a VA (or whatever location they decide to work from that day).

Ready to saddle up for the ride? Let’s gooo!

xx, Reese