No One Knows What a Virtual Assistant Is In My City. How Can I Market Myself?

In this video, you'll learn how to explain what you do to people who don't know what a virtual assistant is. Plus, you'll learn simple persuasion hacks to get leads wanting to hear more!

And I'm doing this video in my pajamas because THAT'S how I roll until like 12pm. 😂

I had fun creating all this content and along the way I had some revelations about getting stuff done & why it doesn't matter if I have makeup on or perfect hair to record a video. #thisisreallife and I'm done worrying about looking "perfect" because goodness knows, I'm so far from perfect.

Look out for next week's video.

xx, Reese

P.S. Not sure why I'm answering all these questions? It's because my flagship course - The VA Lifeline - (How to Be a Successful Virtual Assistant to Gain More Flexibility - More Freedom - More Revenue) is launching soon!