Let's get honest about why you want to be a virtual assistant


I think I learned something about you. I thought I knew you better but maybe I don't.

Several weeks ago while talking to my business coach I discovered something about the work I'm doing here as a virtual assistant mentor/coach/strategist (whatever you want to call me).

Before I tell you what that breakthrough realization was, I need to give you some background.

When I first started my blog the only thing on my mind was sharing my experiences as a virtual assistant with the hope that I could make a difference in just one person's life so they could earn a living as a virtual assistant and maybe, just maybe, leave the 9-5. Kinda like I did.....I was so happy about what I've built for myself, I wanted to share it with all the women (and some men) of the world.

I blogged every.single.week without fail. Writing those blog posts were like pulling teeth! It took me 5 hours just to write, edit and post one single blog post. 5 hours!

If you assumed that I created them easily and made it look effortless, now you know.

I wrote and wrote without thinking about money. I just shared.

One day it hit me, maybe just maybe I could charge money for my advice. So I put up a "work with me" page. I charged $75 for a single 60-minute strategy session.

As time when on, I created a Facebook group called the Virtual Assistant Tribe. I got to know more virtual assistant mentors (actually some of the biggest in the industry) and each one of them told me the same thing.

"Why are you charging so little?"

Little??? I thought.

It didn't feel like a small amount to me. Hell, I was making $40/hour as a virtual assistant so $75 was a big jump.

But as time went on I kept hearing that statement more and more from "leaders" in the industry.

Eventually, I started believing them.

As time went on, I joined entrepreneurial groups, signed up for courses on how to launch online businesses and spent hours reading blog posts from "successful" online business owners on what it means to have a location independent career.

I strategized with my coach on how to charge more for my strategy sessions, how to build bigger packages to sell my expertise.

Because, after all, I couldn't possible keep charging a mere $75/hour. No "mentor" charges that little.

So I raised my rates. 

Over time I came to the realization that I'm charging more, but reaching less. I've become out of reach for so many because they can't afford me.

My former coach would say "GOOD, you're weeding out people that you don't want to work with". "Keep charging a premium rate because that's what you deserve."

So here's the big realization that you've been waiting for.

I realized that I've been focusing my teaching on how to create a virtual assistant business to become an entrepreneur.

I've been waving my entrepreneur flag saying "hey virtual assistants, you're an entrepreneur now!"

I've been so focused on teaching virtual assistants what it means to be an entrepreneur that I've forgotten the very reason I became a virtual assistant.

And it's this....

I became a virtual assistant to use the skills I already possessed to work at home and make a decent living.

I wasn't looking to make 6-figures, I just wanted more freedom to be able to be with my children more while earning good money.

I wasn't looking to become an entrepreneur, I was looking to transfer my skills from an on-location job to a location independent job.

For me, it wasn't about building a business. It was about finding a few clients who needed help and just doing the work.

It wasn't about finding the ideal client and creating an ideal client profile, it was about finding good people who treated me well and supporting them while earning a living FROM HOME.

So what do YOU really want? Do you want the entrepreneurial lifestyle or do you just want to earn a decent living from home so you can support yourself and your family?

What are your goals and how can I help you reach them?

Do me a favor and leave a comment below and tell me what you're looking to achieve and I promise to respond. I read every comment.

Sending you love,