Twitter Marketing Tips For Virtual Assistants

Twitter Marketing Tips For Virtual Assistants

Twitter Marketing Tips For Virtual Assistants

You should use Twitter to connect with influencers that will help you build a successful virtual assistant. But instead, what I'm seeing happen are tweets like this:

Virtual Assistant Twitter

Virtual Assistant Twitter

When I click over to view the virtual assistant's Twitter profile and tweet stream I see more of the same. More promotional tweets, more RT's from other users but very little engagement with other users.

There's nothing wrong with the above tweet if it were mixed with engagement, but alone won't serve his/her virtual assistant business.

I know you already know this, but perhaps it's time for a gentle reminder. Social media is where you go to build relationships with others. It's a place you go to be social. It's a big cocktail party.

I'm seeing far too much self-promotion and too little of real engagement and value driven conversation.

Twitter can be a fantastic place to chat with your ideal clients, but you've got to know how to use Twitter in order to reap its benefits.

I read a great article by Rebekah Radice that explains how to use Twitter to maximize your marketing results with a focus on building relationships with people on Twitter.

Here's another great post by Social Media Examiner. It goes into even more detail about the importance of engaging with other Twitter users and tweeting interesting content. I love how the author of this blog points out that it's easier to keep the ball rolling by joining an existing conversation than by starting a new one.

After you've read these two posts I'd like you to stop what you're currently doing (that isn't working so well, let's be honest) and start using Twitter to build relationships.

I've got a challenge for you. Get to know one new person a week. Start a conversation with them and learn more about where they live, what they are passionate about.

I just started a conversation like this on LinkedIn (you know me, always hanging out on LinkedIn) and I've already learned so much about my new contact (ski lover, majored in journalism but is taking a sharp left turn in his career and has been in wealth management for over 20 years, has family in Paris, wife is Parisian, etc).

Because you don't build a successful business alone, you build it with the help of others.  If you start connecting with influencers you're able to grow your business to new heights because friends help one another.

So, who are you going to connect with right now? Start with me. If you're not following me on Twitter, go ahead and do so please and say hello so we can start a real conversation.

If you haven't liked my Facebook page yet, do that and drop me a line. You'll be hearing from me, that's for sure.

And if you really want to make me smile, connect with me on LinkedIn and send me an email or tag me in a post.

Let's start conversations and start changing the way we run our virtual assistant business.

Rock on,