How To Build Your Own Website

how to build your own website

So you're ready to create your own website. Bravo!

Most people have zero knowledge about building their own site. They would rather fork over cash to someone else to do it for them.

But many of us are bootstrapping and have small budgets.

The good news is that you can build something for next to nothing. If you can teach yourself how to build your own site (and trust me, it's easy) then you can start doing it for your clients, too.

Think about it. If you can offer website creation as a service, how much could you charge? The possibilities are exciting, right?

So, let's go over the different options you have to build your very first website.

I'll start with the free website builders. They all offer more or less the same thing, a free website using pre-made templates that don't require you to have any previous knowledge in code. These free options don't allow you to have your own domain name, meaning your website URL will look something like this: or

That said, each of the below options offer you the ability to upgrade to a more premium package so that you can use your own domain name so it will look more like this:

Having your own domain name looks more professional not to mention the SEO benefits you'll reap. Another reason to have your own domain name is that you're in full control of your website. If Wix or Weebly went down tomorrow your site wouldn't be affected.

Below is a list of the free website builders that are most popular today.  I'd recommend you check out all of the below before you decide on one because the last thing you want to do is spend time building out a site only to have to re-do it because the site builder you used doesn't have the functionality you need.

Free Website Builders





Below are paid website builders. You won't be able to use these services without forking over some amount of cash.  

Paid Website Builders




While you're busy creating your website send prospects to your LinkedIn profile or an page. They are great ways to showcase your talents when you don't have a website ready.

Some of you might ask what I use for my website. I personally love WordPress. is the free option and is the paid version. It has a steep learning curve but it's the golden standard today and I am totally biased. WordPress, like the website builders above comes with free or premium themes to choose from. Check out Astra to find a theme that suits you. Then hop over to Lynda to get amazing training on how to build your own WordPress site (and more).

Use Elementor with your favorite or customized theme. Change themes and still keep all your designs. Landing pages, homepages, posts, portfolios, products. Elementor can be used to design any page or custom post type on WordPress.

What website builder will you use and why?  Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts about the website builders mentioned in this post.

Rock on,