Should I Have A Blog On My Virtual Assistant Business Website?


Your blog is a marketing tool for your business and I will even say that your blog is your most important inbound marketing tool you've got.  By writing a blog, you are able to start conversations on timely subjects that will engage your prospects and increase website traffic.

Let's talk about what happens when a visitor lands on your site.  They will read your home page, services and read some of your (hopefully not yawn-inducing) testimonials.

Your blog allows prospects to learn  more about you than those static web pages mentioned above.  They will see that you are filled with a wealth of information about a variety of subjects like social media, online marketing, transcriptions, etc.   They also get a better understanding of what you're about and who you are.

Below I've recorded an audio for you to listen to about why blogging is so important and my secrets for finding great blog topics at your fingertips!

Do you have a blog for your virtual assistant website?  What do you blog about?   If you don't have a blog are you going to start one after reading/listening to this blog post?

Rock on,