Building A Multi-Virtual Assistant Business


In last week's blog post I talked about how you can build a 6-figure virtual assistant business.

Members of my community had some really good questions regarding that post that I'd like to cover below.

Some of those questions are:

  • Where can I find top quality talented virtual assistants that will allow me to be able to make a profit?
  • What are the skill sets that I should be vetting out?
  • What is the ideal situation for my multi-virtual assistant business?  Should I  interface with all the clients as the project manager or should I allow my VAs to interact directly with each client, leaving me out of the day-to-day?

Check out my video below to get the scoop and leave me a comment below with any questions you have! The more questions, the better!   I often look to your comments as inspiration for future blog posts!


Keep rocking!