Which Services Should You Offer Your Clients?

Imagine you're in SoHo in New York City (love that city!) and you're hungry for some sushi.  In front of you are two sushi restaurants side by side.   One has a packed dining room and the other, well, not so much. Obviously you'd want to go to the packed restaurant, right?  Social proof is a pretty powerful force.   It makes sense to assume that the packed sushi restaurant has better sushi, right?

You decide to look at the menu for both restaurants to compare before you go stand in the long line and wait for a table.

You see that the empty sushi restaurant has a kid menu. Hamburgers, french fries, you know the drill, and of course they sell (you guessed it) sushi.

The busy restaurant only sells sushi. It doesn't care if you're kid doesn't like sushi, they don't sell anything else but raw fish.

You'd think the sushi joint that caters to picky eaters would be successful, right?


When you try to be everything to everyone you end up losing.     The packed sushi restaurant isn't trying to cater to kids or those that may not like sushi.   They want to be known for their sushi and ONLY sushi.

Because they stick to what they are good at, they are brimming with business while the other restaurant is having a hard time filling their tables.

What does this mean for you?   Pick the services that you are REALLY great at and that you love and stick to those.  Watch my video below to learn why you shouldn't cater your services to every business owner and how to figure out what you should focus on and what you shouldn't.


Click here to download my Ideal Client Exercise that I mentioned in the video

Got questions?  Leave me your questions and comments below.  I want to know how this video has helped you figure out how you are going to go narrow and deep in finding your niche and ideal client.

Rock on!