Naming Your Virtual Assistant Business

One of the hardest things for a virtual assistant or an entrepreneur on the verge of creating their own business is choosing the perfect name. Your business name is the one thing that remains constant throughout the life cycle of your business so it’s important to get it right the first time.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest brands today. Click here to see how these brands got their names.

What can we take away from these brands? How can we apply the same strategy to our own business and really make our mark in the virtual assistant industry?

The first thing that comes to mind is that each, and every one of these brands used a tremendous amount of creativity when deciding on their business name. Talk about thinking outside of the box!

It’s easy for virtual assistants to fall into a trap that we must brand our businesses under the guise of “administrative services”.

Chances are that you will grow your skill set and offer new services to your customers.   Don't pigeon-hole yourself and set up a business name that does not take into account that your business WILL evolve. Examples of this are naming your business Suzie Q's Transcription Services and now you're offering your clients social media management services.

It’s important that you display your individuality and nothing does that better than a well-conceived name.

But don't take my word for it.  Seth Godin has some of the best advice I've ever read about picking a name for your business.

Don't be a stumbling block to your creative process

If choosing a business name is taking too much time, it's time to start brainstorming with others.  Here's what Shalon Ironroad of Bacon Business Management did.    She wanted to pick the name Ascend Business Management for her virtual assistant business, but it just wasn't resonating.  She thought it will attract boring clients and in her words "I don't want to work with boring clients".

That's when Shalon thought, "working with me will make your life better". Shalon approached a group of friends and asked them to help her get through her business naming dilemma and asked them to fill in the blank on the question below:

Life is better with _______.

Someone came back with:

Life is better with bacon.

And so it was born.  Bacon Business Management.   A damn good name if you ask me because not only is it memorable, she's been able to create some amazing copy around the concept that life is better with Bacon.  Life is certainly better when you have Shalon working on your team.

Own it!

Once you've made up your mind you'll feel it in your bones that it's the right decision. Own it.  Have confidence and if it doesn't feel right, start over.

Now get to work on choosing your virtual assistant business name!

Need some inspiration/help coming up with your virtual assistant business' name? Leave your comment below and let me help you brainstorm. 

Rock on,